Some of our Customers

Coca-Cola: For Coca-Cola, the renowned soda brand, we captured cinematic B-roll footage at their Shanghai offices and various other locations. This footage is intended for use in future advertising campaigns and corporate videos, meticulously crafted to ensure that the aesthetic finish aligns with Western standards of quality and style.

Mercure Hotels Mercure Hotels has commissioned us for two photography and video projects at their Shanghai locations, targeted at Western audiences on social media. They selected us for our proficiency in creating content that bridges cultural and aesthetic divides, resonating with both Eastern and Western viewers. Our work accentuates Mercure's elegance and comfort while capturing authentic details and moments that forge a visual and emotional connection between cultures. This approach draws a global audience, presenting visual narratives that speak a universal language of hospitality and style.

Procter and Gamble, the renowned multinational conglomerate, selected our team to create an internal audiovisual project that detailed its management strategy during the pandemic. The challenge was to faithfully translate their Western expectations and requirements within a production context in China, ensuring that the final result met the high standards expected. Our role was pivotal in acting as an effective bridge between cultures, ensuring that Procter and Gamble's vision was realized smoothly and aligned with the company's standards of excellence.

 Aliexpress, part of the Alibaba group, established AliExpress University years ago to instruct Chinese companies on how to sell to the Western market. Puentes de Seda cooperates with them by bridging the cultural and aesthetic divides between Eastern and Western consumers. Our proven strategies boost trust and sales, featuring seminars in major cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

McDonald's and Microsoft: McDonald's and Microsoft trusted us with a significant project to showcase the integration of Microsoft's AI Copilot into McDonald's operations. Operating from Shanghai, we collaborated closely with Microsoft's U.S. team and worked diligently with McDonald's to meet both of their high standards and ensure top-quality production. The successful outcome of this project is a video that was recently featured on Microsoft's official WeChat account.

Louis Vuitton, the iconic luxury brand, chose Hangzhou and Shenzhen as the stages for its 'SEE LV' campaigns. We were commissioned to document these prestigious events, crafting videos that seamlessly integrate Eastern and Western aesthetics with elegance and style. In Hangzhou, our video became a central attraction, showcased for months on the main screen at Longxiangqiao, the bustling commercial and tourist epicenter of the city.

Geely Geely, which owns prestigious brands like Volvo, Smart, London Taxi, Lotus, and Lynk & Co, is ranked number 229 on the Fortune 500 list. For over three years, we have successfully managed social media content for their Western operations and secured multiple content creation tenders. Additionally, we were chosen to produce the video for their 35th anniversary. Our expertise in understanding and blending the aesthetics and needs of diverse cultural clients positions us as strategic allies for Geely.

Turespaña: In 2023, we partnered with Turespaña to create the 'Chinese Outbound Tourism' course, designed specifically for the Spanish tourism sector. This course focuses on strategies to attract and satisfy Chinese tourists, emphasizing the cultural nuances between East and West. It includes a series of instructional videos filmed in the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Chongqing, as well as in Madrid, Segovia, and Barcelona.